Things to Do While in Turks and Caicos

Located a stone’s throw from the busier coastal areas in Turks and Caicos, our secluded enclave affords all the peace and privacy necessary to relax and unwind. Our resort neighbors a lush four acres of environmentally protected green space that acts as a daily reminder of our duties to protect nature at all costs. Additionally, the shallow and blissfully warm Caicos Banks at our doorstep offer the most ideal conditions for kiteboarding, kitesurfing, and Hobie sailboats.
And when you’re ready to explore Turks and Caicos, we’re just moments from the best beaches, attractions, and things to do. Our staff is happy to recommend activities and assist with arrangements for local boat rentals, Grace Bay shopping outings and anything else you might want to experience.

Tours, Excursions and Day Trips

There’s a wide selection of options on Providenciales when it comes to exploring the Turks and Caicos by land, sea and air.

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Beaches of Providenciales

There are so many exquisite beaches throughout the Turks and Caicos, yet of all the islands in the country, Providenciales definitely has the edge in overall quality and quantity.

Close-up on the classy cocktail served at H2O Life Style Resort

Restaurants and Fine Dining

Freshly caught seafood is of course the hallmark of the island’s fine dining, but the diverse international cuisines of the local restaurants create a tremendous selection of unique flavors to sample.

Kitesurfing above the beach near H2O Life Style Resort

Water Sports

Considered a well-kept secret in the active community, the shallow and blissfully warm Caicos Banks at our doorstep offers the most ideal and safe conditions for kiteboarding, windsurfing and wing foilig.

For more information on Grace Bay Beach, please click here.