Beaches of Providenciales

Lounge chairs & an umbrella by the beach, H2O Life Style Resort

There are so many exquisite beaches throughout the Turks and Caicos, yet of all the islands in the country, Providenciales definitely has the edge in overall quality and quantity. Due to consisting of broken down shells and coral, the sand in the Turks and Caicos is a measure above what’s found at the beaches in most other countries. Sediments, clay, soils and gravel are practically non-existent on the beaches here, which makes for especially clean and soft powdery white sand.

Beautiful beaches can be found on all sides of Providenciales, however, the coastlines on the west half of the island are a bit more difficult to access than the popular Grace Bay Beach, The Bight Beach and Leeward Beach. Beach styles across Providenciales also vary quite a bit. The Grace Bay and Leeward beaches on the northeast of Providenciales tend to be wide with deeper, clean, and sandy ocean floors. Sailboats at the Bight Beach, Providenciales.

The central north coast beaches in the Bight and Turtle Cove areas have lush seagrass not far from shore and offer several great snorkeling sites, such as The Bight Reef (Coral Gardens) and Smith's Reef. The beaches of Long Bay Beach, Five Cays Beach, Sapodilla Bay and Taylor Bay on the south Caicos Banks side of the island have shallow water and fine sand grains.

The greatest variance is found on the north and northwest edge of the island. Low cliffs, rugged rocky sections, and sheltered wetlands are found along the miles of uninhabited coast.